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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
  STORY: Taxi Driver

It is 11:45 p.m. on a Saturday night. My partner and I are getting ready to call it a night for our shift when this call comes in:

Partner: Cab company, can I help you?
"Bob": Yeah, I need at cab at 1234 Smith St.
Partner: Ok, where you going?
"Bob": Down to Jones St., at 6 x ABC.
Partner: Will you be coming back? (recognizing this as an destination for drug runs)
"Bob": Yeah, I have to drop something off to my Aunt, so I need you to wait for me and bring me back.
Partner: Gee, didn't we take you down there last night to see your Grandmother: (Yes, we did!)
"Bob": Well, yeah you did. Can I get a cab?
Partner: Sure! Your Aunt and Grandmother must live real close to each other, huh?
"Bob": (Starting to sound nervous) Yeah, I guess so. You gonna send me a cab?
Partner: (Really enjoying himself at this point) Sure, sure. Don't you worry about them down there? You know, those are all drug houses?
"Bob": Ok, listen! The cab isn't for me. It's for the lady next door. I'm just calling it in for her, ok?
Partner: Oh! Well ok, sure. What is the name of person we are picking up?
"Bob": Bob

Motor City, Picking Up Bob 
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